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Grossology Episode Review: Silent but Deadly

Episode #:
Title: Silent but Deadly
When it looks like Abby can do anything by herself, Ty starts to feel inadequate. To prove that he can be just as capable, he decides to track down Fartor after the smelly villain steals a highly advanced drilling machine but in a twisted turn of fates, Fartor ends up capturing Ty instead. Abby goes to save her little brother but to her horror she finds that Fartor has turned Ty into a methane-breathing supervillain just like himself. Ty, now going by the name Far-Ty will fulfill Fartor’s plan to pollute the city with underground gases and once and for all prove to Abby that he’s better than her.
So we are finally here. The first ever two part episode of Grossology and man, where do I even start?
Just like Survival of the Grossest this is another episode that explores the less flattering aspects of Ty’s personality. However, un
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Abbster - Keeping Warm
Abby: Silly Chester. Don't you know, polyester isn't very good at retaining heat.
Chester: Then can you keep me warm, Abby?

My first submission for :iconthe-nerdinator: Tyomi/Abbster Christmas Contest. My Tyomi pic will hopefully be up before December 24. 

Grossology belongs to Nelvana.   
9 Intelligence Meme
Blank meme.

Natrualist Intelligence: Allan Grant (Jurassic Park)
He wouldn't be much of a Palaeontolegist if he didn't have Natrualist Intelligence, would he? 

Logical/Mathematical Intelligence: Batman (DC)

Existential Intelligence: Shogo Makishima (Psycho-Pass)
Makishima is very much a philosopher. What is humanity? What is Society? What makes a humanbeing? Those questions are very important for Makishima and thru out the series he tries to tear down an unjust society and inspire others to live-up to their true selves, all to prove his ideals of what human life should be about. But let's not fool ourselves, Makishima is an irredemable villain. He kills innocents, causes chaos and drives others into doing equally awful things. This makes me feel that as Existentially intelligent he is, Makishima is very stubborn in his beliefs.   

Linguistic Intelligence: Double D (Ed, Edd n Eddy)
Edd aka Double D is so Linguistic Intelligent that it actually works against him since most people around him can't even understand what he is saying. Most telling about his Linguistic Intelligence is when the Eds bet that he couldn't go a day without using complicated words and he fails. This tells me that he's not using these difficult words to seem smart, it's just the way he talks. 

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence: Lady Shiva (DC)
Lady Shiva is the best martial-artist of the DC-Universe. Her entire life has been about learning and perfecting every form of martial arts and to teach those fighting techniques to others. 

Musical Intelligence: Soundwave (Transformers)
Soundwave is not only a master of sound, sound is his entire world. His hearing is so good that he can hear people's thoughts. Because of this, Sounwave will often judge people based on the sounds their minds make. As a communication officer, Soundwave uses his Musical Intelligence to gather and store information and as a soldier, Soundwave uses music to either destroy or drive his enemies insane. 

Interpersonal Intelligence: Naomi (Grossology)
Even thou most of Naomi's screentime in the show was focused on her interactions with her love interest Ty, I thought it showed how adapt her Interpersonal intelligence was. She is very quick at figuring out what Ty want and how he feels and response in very mature and very comforting ways. While most of the main characters in this series are genuises at the natrual and the logical, Naomi's interperson intelligence makes her her own type of genius. 

Intra-Personal Intelligence: Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)
Izuku Midoriya aka Deku pretty obviously have Intra-Personal Intelligence. He has a pretty good understanding of what he want and why he wants it as well as why he likes or dislike people. Sadly, Midoriya's poor self-esteem may also be a side-effect of his Intra-Personal Intelligence since people with this type of intelligence are very aware of their own flaws and limitations.   

Spatial Intelligence: Jane Lane (Daria)
She is a very talented artist and I liked the episodes that explore that aspect of her personality.   


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